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The Sentinel is a Kiith Somtaaw microship used to protect friendly vessels, fulfilling the role as defender with slow flight speed, strong armor and guns, and high turning rate.


Senti​nel-class Defense Pod or Sentinel for short, is the first microship presented in game. In single player it is available near the end at Mission 5. Despite its small size, it is slow on its own, but has quite powerful Mass Drivers (later, these would be upgraded to Energy Cannons), somewhat strong armor for its size and, after upgrading it, Advanced Sensors. Sentinel's main role is to protect ships by creating a force field that can absorb many attacks. In order to shield another ship, 12 Sentinels are required. Smaller ships like fighters, corvettes, etc. cannot be shielded, as they are too small and too fast.

Force fieldEdit

12 Sentinels can shield up to frigate-sized ships with their force field. There are 3 levels of field's strength. Note that the force field ability doesn't come right at the beginning and must be researched first before using it.

Level 1: Protection from Mass Drivers: Just like the upgrade states, this Sentinel upgrade absorbs Mass Driver projectiles.

Level 2: Protection from missiles: The second Sentinel upgrade grants the protection from missiles, as well as strengthens the existing one. There is one exception, however - Cruise Missile . The organic layer and tip of the Cruise Missile allows it to absorb and slip through the Sentinel's force field. Another possible explanation is that the Cruise Missile is a Corvette-class ship, not an actual missile, therefore it can move through the field freely just like all other ships.

Level 3: Protection from energy based weapons: The third and final upgrade for Sentinel force field technology. Not only the force field's power is increased, it also provides the protection from energy based weapons, such as Energy Cannons and Ion Cannons.

Although it is thought that Level 1 force field cannot protect from missiles and energy based weapons and Level 2 force field cannot protect from energy based weapons, it is half-true. For example: the Level 1 force field does provide protection from missiles and energy based weapons, although the field's strength will deplete much faster than after upgrading it.

During Beast WarEdit

Sentinels were actually meant to protect Caal-Shto from damage in Kadiir Nebula. As the events progressed, they became invaluable in protection. It is unknown how Beast acquired this technology, but it used Sentinels very often, mostly on Carriers and Battlecruisers. Kiith Somtaaw used the advantage of Sentinels in order fight back Imperials and Turanic Raiders. Also it was revealed that the Sentinel force field can be shut down by using advanced sensors (subverted Clee-San used its advanced sensors to disable them as revealed in the beginning of Mission 16).

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