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The Sentinel is a Kiith Somtaaw microship, developed and utilized during the events of the Beast War.

Overview Edit

The Sentinel is the first microship made available during the single player campaign, near the end of Mission 5. It is armed with strong Mass Driver weapons (later upgraded to Energy Cannons), sturdy armour relative to its size, and can be upgraded with Advanced Sensors, allowing it to detect Mimicked or Cloaked vessels. Despite being similar to the Kushan or Taiidan Defender in armament and turning ability, Sentinels are almost exclusively used to shield large Capital Ships with their Force Field upgrade.

Force Field Edit

12 Sentinels are required to completely shield friendly vessels with their force field. Anything smaller than Frigate-class ships are too small and too fast to be effectively shielded by the Sentinel. The force field itself must be researched and existing Sentinels upgraded, before the force field can be used. The force field itself starts at Level 1, and can be upgraded twice, to Level 2 and Level 3.

  • Level 1: Protection from Mass Drivers: The starting level for the force field, this Sentinel upgrade effectively absorbs Mass Driver projectiles, but is weak against everything else.
  • Level 2: Protection from missiles: The second level allows the Sentinel force field to effectively absorb the damage from standard missile attacks, as well as strengthening the resistance to Mass Drivers. Unfortunately, the Beast's Cruise Missile isn't impeded by this upgrade; its organic tip absorbs the field charge and allows it to slip through the shield unhindered.
  • Level 3: Protection from energy-based weapons: The third and final upgrade for Sentinel force field technology. The overall force field's power is greatly increased, as well as providing much greater protection from energy-based weapons, such as Energy Cannons and Ion Cannons.

Although it is thought that Level 1 force field cannot protect from missiles and energy based weapons and Level 2 force field cannot protect from energy based weapons, it is half-true. For example: the Level 1 force field does provide protection from missiles and energy based weapons, although the field's strength will deplete much faster than after upgrading it.

During Beast War Edit

Sentinels were actually meant to protect Caal-Shto from damage in Kadiir Nebula. As the events progressed, they became invaluable in protection. It is unknown how Beast acquired this technology, but it used Sentinels very often, mostly to protect their Infected Carriers and Infected Heavy Cruisers. Kiith Somtaaw used the advantage of Sentinels in order fight back Imperials and Turanic Raiders. Also it was revealed that the Sentinel force field can be shut down by using advanced sensors (the subverted Clee-San used its advanced sensors rig to disable them, as revealed in the beginning of Mission 16).

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