M09 Assembly Point

The Hinterlands from the Assembly Point

The Shining Hinterlands was a region located near the centre and southern parts of the Galaxy.

A significant part of the Shining Hinterlands was located in the Karos Graveyard, a region filled with ancient relics and debris from other civilizations, notably the Progenitors. The Hinterlands also extended to the southern part of Galaxy where during Vaygr War, a Vaygr assembly point was located.

The exact location and borders of the region are unknown, however, Hiigaran motherships have visited it twice.

Karos GraveyardEdit

The first time was when the Kushan Mothership was led by Captain Elson to the Karos Graveyard where they found wreckage of ancient ships, as well as an automated corvette known as the Junkyard Dog.

This region possessed enormous hulks and other unknown structures floating in space around their hyperspace exit point. These structures were so big that despite their distance they still limited the light from a nearby star.

During the Homeworld 2 Era the Pride of Hiigara reached several locations within Karos as well as the Vaygr assembly point. This area was different than others in the Shining Hinterlands. Here there was no debris and it was located far from the core of the galaxy, unlike the Graveyard. At this point the Hiigarans fought with a larger Vaygr force, eventually winning the battle. It is assumed that the bright star in the background is probably Balcora and this is confirmed in a cutscene when the Hiigarans head to Balcora after being de-briefed by Soban.

Behind the ScenesEdit

V assembly point

The location of the Vaygr Assembly Point.

  • The location of the Shining Hinterlands is revealed only in two missions and 1 concept art, however it's enough to determine that both the Karos Graveyard and Vaygr Assembly point were parts of the Hinterlands.
  • The source of the name of this region is unknown, however it is likely the correct name because of its proximity to the Galactic Core, visible from all the Hinterlands.


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