This is the article on the Hiigaran shipyard. If you are looking for the article on the Vaygr shipyard, see Shipyard.

Shipyard nabaal
Ship Information
Ship Construction
Fleet Support
Ship Type
RU Cost
3200 RUs
Technical Information
15 m/s
12 Hull Defence Guns

The Shipyard is a huge construction facility capable of producing any ship in the Hiigaran fleet, and can also act as a resource drop off. These craft cannot be constructed by the Mothership, so they are built in huge orbital facilities and hyperspaced into battle.

The shipyard is the only construction ship capable of building Battlecruisers, the largest warships in the fleet. A Shipyard represents a large investment of resources, and can only be called into battle if the player has one or more Hyperspace Modules on a production capable ship.

They have a total of 4 Facility slots, 6 Module slots and 1 Sensor slot.

Tactical Capabilities Edit

When it comes to doesn't have any. The Shipyard is the slowest vessel in your fleet and its defense guns are only effective against very light fighter attacks. Its "defense" comes from building ships to protect it, so make sure it is guarded at all times.

Trivia Edit

  • During the single-player campaign, it is unlikely that a player will build one, since they will receive the Shipyard Naabal during Mission 09.

Appearances Edit

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