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Siege Cannon
Siege cannon derelict
Ship Information
Ship Type
Mountable Cannon
RU Cost
10,000 RUs
Technical Information
Powerful Energy Blast

The Siege Cannon was a device located in a Debris Field in Koreth's Rift Sector. It was found by the Kuun-Lan after they escaped Gozan IV.


A Kiith Somtaaw Recon was searching the Karos Graveyard for a weapon that would help out with eliminating the Beast. It came upon a derelict with a massive cannon mounted on the front, and found it suitable. However, the recon detected hostiles inbound. The tactical officer on board the Kuun-Lan ordered it to return immediately.

The Somtaaw returned to it with Workers escorted by a hefty amount of Acolytes. Some of them broke off to engage incoming mines. The Turanic Raiders also showed some interest in the cannon and the Acolytes broke off to engage but as soon as the workers begin to latch on the cannon, some of the debris surrounding the derelict showed their true identity: Standard Corvettes came out of hiding and attacked the defenseless workers. Some of the acolytes came to their aid and tore apart the attackers. It was a long haul, but the workers make it back safely with the cannon.

After getting attacked by a sizable Taiidani fleet and after the Beast showed up, the Somtaaw tested the cannon on the Beast Mothership. Unfortunately, the shot had no effect on the monstrosity and a second shot would have done more damage, if the heating cyllinders had not fused. So, they were forced to retreat from the advancing mothership.

After a fierce dogfight against the Bentusi, the Somtaaw convinced the Bentusi to help them. They replaced the heating cylinders with more heat-resistant tubes that can allow repeated firing. The Somtaaw tested the modified cannon on the Clee-San and it worked. The cannon was still in operation, and the Clee-San permanently disabled. They eventually lured the Beast Mothership into a trap, and the cannon tore it apart in one shot.

At Naval Base Alpha, the cannon was used again to throw a heavy blow against the Naggarok.

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