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The Siege of Hiigara took place during the Vaygr War, and it began when Vaygr forces overwhelmed the Hiigaran Defense Fleet, allowing Makaan to demand the return of the Second Hyperspace Core.

When Vaygr forces failed to capture Pride of Hiigara at the Tanis Station, they moved towards Hiigara in hopes of luring the Mothership to defend its home planet. They would then capture the vessel for their own usage, since it had only a minimal number of crew members to resist the capture mission. However, the Pride of Hiigara managed to collect its crew before Makaan began the siege.

"Children of Hiigara... you are beaten. This sector is now under my control. Stand down and prepare for Vaygr occupation. I have come to claim what is mine. Return the Second Core and I will spare your Homeworld." — Makaan

The Siege of Hiigara began with the commencement of a massive bombardment from Hiigaran orbit using conventional missiles. While the Vaygr proceeded with the attack, Makaan demanded that the Hiigarans return the core. However, the Hiigarans instead chose to repel the enemy attack. Hiigara developed its own defense system, equipped with a massive arsenal of missiles capable of striking orbital targets. Despite the advantage of their advanced defense systems, Hiigara would remain under siege for several weeks before Karan S'jet returned with the Hiigaran Navy to kill Makaan and capture Sajuuk.

"Sajuuk has returned. All systems online. Weapon systems fully charged." — Karan S'jet
Siege of Hiigara

Hiigaran Defense Fleet attacks Vaygr forces over Hiigara

The Hiigaran Defense Fleet, in the strength of three Battlecruisers, four Destroyers, and various support craft attempted to break the siege, but was outnumbered by Vaygr forces and faced imminent defeat before additional forces arrived. Sajuuk and the fleet exited hyperspace and supported the Defense Fleet's retaliatory attack. When the Hiigaran fleet destroyed the first of the Shipyards new forces arrived.

"Analysis indicates the unknown vessels are Surface Bombardment Platforms and are preparing to attack." — Fleet Command

Three new Mothership-class vessels arrived, known as the Planet Killers. They were immune to all conventional attacks, and only Sajuuk could destroy them. Each one of them began to release Low Orbit Atmosphere Deprivation Weapons. It was the final weapon of the Vaygr, used when Makaan was dead in order to end the Hiigarans. However, Sajuuk managed to jump behind the line of the Vaygr ships and employed the use of its Cannon to destroy all of the Planet Killers. The Vaygr forces then retreated and the Siege of Hiigara ended in victory for the Hiigarans.


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