Sierra Entertainment was a former USA game development, publisher and distributor who published all Homeworld series games and currently own Homeworld licence. As of 2008, the company was merged into Activision and called Activision Blizzard. All ownership was transferred to them and the company was closed to any future sales later that year.

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On-Line Systems, had been established in 1979 by Ken and Roberta Williams in Los Angeles, California. First game was huge step in computer entertainment market - Mystery House was first game game mixing text and pictures. Next successful game was The Wizard and the Princess. Williams earned enough money to move out of Los Angeles to Sierra Nevada mountain range. Around year 1981 On-Line systems changed name to Sierra On-Line. In year 1983 Sierra developed another successful game - King's Quest was first 3D adventure game. In year 1988 Sierra changed name to Sierra On-Line Inc. and was announced on NASDAQ. In early '90 years of XX century Sierra bought several game development companies, such as Dynamix or Impressions Games. In year 1996 Ken Williams resigned from being Sierra chairman and company was sold to CUC International. In December 1997 CUC International merged with HFS Incorporated under new name of Cendant Corporation, and Sierra become part of Cendant Software. After financial scandal in year 1998 Sierra was taken over be Vivendi games. Also in this year Sierra split up to five divisions: Sierra Attractions, Sierra Home, Sierra Sports, Sierra Studios and Dynamix. On 19th February 2002 Sierra On-Line changed name to Sierra Entertainment. Since 2006 all Vivendi games are published under Sierra label.


  • Martin Tremblay - President

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