Claw squadron

Claw formation for fighters was very common in Hiigaran Navy.

A squadron is merely a group of space ships in a military pattern. Squadrons are commonly made up of fighters, but a complete novice or a complete tactical genuise can make up squadrons of Capital Ships. In the games, squadrons are the main form of moving more than one ship, most commonly for battle, but also for organization too, namely, in the form of military parade formation. Squadron size wasn't strictly defined during Homeworld era or Cataclysm era, however during Homeworld 2 era each type of strike crafts had got defined size of squadron and fighters, or corvettes were build in pre-defined squadron sizes. For example Assault Craft were flying in squadron of 7th, and Interceptors in squadrons of 5 ships.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Homeworld 2, the smallest squadron size is 3 ships, for both Vaygr and Hiigarans. The largest squadrons, in number of 7, are the Assault Craft.
  • Squadrons were introduced in Homeworld 2. They were suppose to make micro management easier, and battles more realistic, as fighters now held formation all the time during combat, in way similar to nowadays fighters do. This way player isn't forced to manage each fighter separately.
"So the first thing we’re going to talk about is squadrons and Relic’s ability to take their experience with Homeworld and turn that into an ease of micromanagement for the player. For example, with strike craft (small fighter craft) there is no real use for a single fighter. You would never send one in alone against anything, so now when you create them, you create them automatically in groups of five, saving you five clicks and letting you take that time and put it into planning your strategy and planning your tactics and executing them, and not about simply building more units. It’s a common-sense thing that is not a major change to implement, but it plays a very important part in how you execute your tactics now. Because you have ready-made squadrons, you’re able to organize your ships more easily, more usefully and more effectively." — Alex Rodberg

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