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Hammer Strike Fighter
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Ship Information
Strike fighter
Technical Information
20 metres

The S'jet-designed Strike Fighter was a combat aircraft used by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid during Operation Khadiim. Flights of up to three "Hammer" class fighters were launched from carriers and utilized air-to-ground missiles to destroy ground targets. The aircraft were piloted by a crew of 2.

To launch the fighters you select the Launch ability from a carrier and designate a relatively large target area. When launched from a carrier like the Kapisi the Strike Fighter squadron will fly to the marked area and if any enemy units are found in that area they will immediately fire their single payload of air-to-ground missiles and then return to the carrier. The missiles have a small area of effect and a single salvo can destroy a number of Strike Craft or do reasonable damage to a larger target.

The fighters can be controlled like any other unit from the moment they are launched to the moment they have launched their payload, and can therefore be reasonably effective scouts. Be warned, however, they are fragile; enemy anti-air units will be able to destroy them quickly so be careful about using them as scouts or using them against anti-air targets.

Note, this is one of the few units in Deserts of Kharak that has a unit count limit on top of its SU cost; you can hold up to 5 squads of 3, or 15 total, and you won't be allowed to build any more past this limit.

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