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Support Cruiser
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Ship Information
Resource controller
anti-air (upgrade)
Technical Information
114 metres
point-defense cannons
anti-air missiles (upgrade)

The Support Cruiser was a desert vessel used by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid during Operation Khadiim. These "Warden" class Support Capital Ships were designed and produced by Kiith Sagald and operated as a mobile resource drop-off points and repair vehicles. They were armed with point-defense cannons, could be upgraded to carry anti-aircraft missiles, and were operated by a crew of 20.

For veterans of the original Homeworld games considering tactics for this unit, it is very similar in role and capabilities to the Processor from Cataclysm.

The Support Cruiser's most important combat role is in remote repair. Potential research upgrades will increase the repair speed of its beams and eventually even give them an area of effect, making it significantly easier to repair clusters of units like strike craft. It cannot repair itself, but if you can have two of them together with an attack force (or one of them and Rachel S'jet) so they can repair each other as well as the rest of your forces you will have a very resilient attack group. It also has a massive active sensor range even greater than that of the Kapisi, beaten only by a deployed sensor. Its eventual upgrade to gain automated anti-air turrets are a very helpful bonus once the enemy starts sending airstrikes against you, and interestingly enough makes the Support Cruiser a better unit choice than the Missile Battery intended for ground-to-air combat; the Support Cruiser does about the same anti-air damage yet costs less precious RU, is about as fast, is significantly tougher, has the critically useful remote repair beams and is a resource dropoff point. The only disadvantage to the Battery is an SU cost of 4 compared to the Battery's 3.

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