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Support Frigate
Ship Information
Fleet Support
Ship Type
RU Cost
425 RUs
Technical Information
12,500 tons
138.9 metres
100 m/s2
450 m/s
2 Medium Mass Drivers

The Support Frigate is a frigate-class vessel designed by the Taiidan Empire to act as a support vessel for the fleet.

Background Edit

Each frigate can refuel and repair up to 10 fighters and 4 corvettes at a time while simultaneously attacking enemy ships with its 2 Mass Drivers. While these guns aren't precise enough to be a serious threat for small, maneuverable units, they can be a serious threat to enemy utility vessels, and they also work as a good defense against frigate attacks.

During the Cataclysm Era, Heeshk's were in the service of both the Taiidan Imperialist Faction and the Taiidan Republic. Ships in the service of the Republic were used mainly on back of their fleet, where they could repair units in safety. Imperialists however, modified their frigates by adding an additional layer of ablative armor and dynamic anti-breaching systems to the upper deck, where fighters were repaired. Thanks to these modifications their frigates' survivability was increased, allowing them to take part in battles. Imperialists often put no less than 2 frigates to each battle group, as the two support frigates could repair both other ships and each other in emergencies.

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