Support Module
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Module Information
Expand Fleet Capacity
Found On
RU Cost
300 RUs
Affected Ships

The Support Module is an upgrade for the Command Ship and Carriers that allows the size of a fleet to be extended.

Background Edit

By default, the Kuun-Lan only has enough space to accommodate a small fleet with 100 Support Units. This limited the fleet to strike craft, with frigates likely to reduce the fighting strength of the Command Ship.

After the Bentusi Exchange self-destructed in the Aiowa System, the on-board researchers believed they could expand the fleet's size using various modules. The Kuun-Lan is able to accommodate twelve modules behind the Hangar Module and increased the fleet capacity to 220 Support Units, providing a modest fleet of strike craft and frigates.[1]

When Engineering decided that it wanted to adapt the drives of the Processor to build Destroyers, it was able to construct Carriers that could house six modules each, increasing the fleet size to 444 Support Units, allowing the Command Ship to accommodate Destroyers and Dreadnoughts.[2]

However, the downside is that, should a Dreadnought be requisitioned for construction, many other ships had to be decommissioned to support it, turning the Command Ship into a warship and removing many of its previous abilities to harvest and repair ships.

Appearances Edit

References Edit

  1. Events of Mission 05
  2. Events of Mission 11

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