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Tactical Bomber
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The Tactical Bomber is another strike aircraft that can be launched from a Coalition carrier like the Kapisi. Its payload of bombs can do significant damage over a small area to clusters of enemy units. They are launched one at a time, and you can hold up to 3 in the carrier.

When compared to a squadron of 3 Strike Fighters it has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are that it is tougher and it can do more damage in one attack than a single run of the Fighters.

The disadvantages are that it is slower and does not immediately launch its payload on sight. It does a fly-by first of an intended target, circles around and then launches the bombs while flying over the target area. This will unfortunately put it within range of any anti-air units in the target area for a significantly longer period of time than the Strike Fighters, who launch their missiles from long range the very instant they are able to and then immediately turn around to go back to their host carrier. Do not launch Bombers near anti-air units if at all possible.

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