This is the article on the planet. If you are looking for the article on the race, see Taiidan.

Taiidan was the homeworld of the Taiidan and former capital of their Empire.

Circa 3000 BHL, Taiidan had become a major target of a massive Hiigaran orbital bombardment. Everything began when the Hiigarans built the Sajuuk's Wrath, an enormous ship which had Far Jump capability. Thanks to this advantage, the Hiigarans managed to jump behind primary Taiidan defensive lines, and strike deep within the Taiidan Sector. Before the Taiidan fleet could report about this surprise attack, the Hiigaran navy already stood in orbit above Taiidan. Thus, the Taiidan Elite Guard stationed on Taiidan, became the last line of defense. However, slightly outnumbered, the Elite Guard was defeated in a very short time. After that, the Sajuuk's Wrath and all Hiigaran ships proceeded to bombard all Taiidani military facilities and the Imperial Palace itself, eventually crushing the Taiidan military. The orbital bombardment took only one day, but its aftereffects were to be seen through next thousands of years.

In the wake of this disaster Taiidan General Riesstiu, willing to take revenge on the Hiigarans, eventually rose up to take control of the Empire and rally its forces against the Hiigarans. He eventually forced them into exile and moved on to build a new Imperial Palace on their homeworld, Hiigara.


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