Imperial palace.

The Taiidan Imperial Palace was the centre of the Taiidan Empire's power and primary governing building.

The First Taiidan Imperial Palace was built on their homeworld, and was the seat of power for the Taiidani royal family. It was, however, destroyed circa 3000 BHL by the Sajuuk's Wrath and the Hiigaran fleet, along with all government and military centres on the planet.

The Second Palace was built on Hiigara after the last surviving Taiidani Admiral, Riesstiu, declared himself emperor over the Taiidan Empire and the conquered Hiigaran Empire. A massive structure, the Palace held the Assembly of Lords, many political offices, and the home of the Riesstiu line. At the time of the Homeworld War, it held Riesstiu IV the Second's life support tank, and the Imperial Cloning Facility.

After the death of Riesstiu IV the Second, the destruction of the Imperial Cloning Facilities by the Taiidan Rebellion, and the removal of all Taiidani from Hiigara, the fate of the Palace is unknown, though it could be speculated that the Hiigarans used it's facilities to house the New Daiamid.

In front of imperial palace

Taiidan and Kushan forces on front of the Imperial Palace after the Kushan victory over the Taiidan Empire in 9510 GSY

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