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Torpedoes are self-propelled, guided explosive projectile weapons that were used in the Homeworld 2 Era.

Overview Edit

During the Vaygr War, heavy torpedo launch tubes were mounted on the Destroyer, while the lighter version was the Torpedo Frigate's main armament.

The weakest version of the torpedo is the Cluster torpedo. Fired from Torpedo Frigates as a single torpedo, it splits into 4 fast torpedoes designed to destroy corvettes or other agile but heavily armored units. In the early stage of the Vaygr War Cluster torpedoes were used against capital ships or even super-capitals as they were only weapon Torpedo Frigates are able to fire. Later on, however, Hiigarans developed standard torpedoes which were found to be greatly effective against enemy frigates.

Cluster torpedo

Cluster Torpedo releasing it's four anti-strike craft charges

The heaviest version of Hiigaran torpedoes are the Long-range torpedo fired from the nose-tubes of Destroyers. This version was about 10% slower, had identical range as the standard version, however it had a sightly larger explosive charge allowing it to deal twice as much damage as its frigate variant. This made it a great weapon against enemy capital ships which weren't capable to run away from the powerful missile.

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