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Turanic Raiders

Unknown, first time noted in Turan Sector


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The Turanic Raiders are a race of nomadic pirates that attack ships throughout the Galaxy.


Turanic Raiders were a race of pirates and mercenaries known from the first attacks in the Turan sector in 9035 GSY. Most of their attacks were focused on trade lines and unprotected convoys. Apogee of Raiders power was during the Homeworld Era, when under the protectorate of the Taiidan Empire they rose in power. During the Cataclysm Era, the Raiders were still allied with the Taiidan Imperialists.

Very little has been revealed on their language, physiology, and culture.


As with most types of space pirates, the Raiders rely mostly upon ambush and surprise. The Raiders often attack in large numbers, and will often try to steal enemy ships using clever and underhanded tactics such as flanking an escort ship from behind or distracting a frigate with fighters as "Thief" corvettes slip in from behind. Or they may even disguise themselves as motionless asteroids, which make it unsafe to collect resources without an escort. In order to successfully capture a ship, the Turanic Raider attack wings will rely highly on their enemies weak points or unprotected flanks as does any other race, though to the Raiders it serves as a bonus for successfully capturing a ship. Very rarely will their engagements come in full force from the front, unless they have a large force behind them. Using tactics such as these are a common way of life for Raider pilots, they do this in order to preserve their ships and protect their race, as pirates they must steal to survive.

Turanic Pirate KingdomsEdit

It is well known that the Turanic Raiders are a series of Kingdoms that are always in strife and complex Alliances.

Northern Turanic RaidersEdit

These are the most seen Raiders, they have been seen in several areas in the Great Wasteland. Their most important system apart from their homeworld is the Turanic Raider Planetoid Station, their systems are near Kadesh.

Vigoth Turanic RaidersEdit

The Vigoth have been known to lurk in Osyrrian and Valhalla space, for thousands of years they have tried to use the Galactic Council as stepping stones to the Core, but they will usually fail.

List of Turanic Raiders shipsEdit


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