Vaygr Flagship
Vaygr Flagship
Ship Information
Fleet Command
Technical Information
3,000,000 tons
40 m/s
12 Hull Defence Guns

The Vaygr Flagship is a large ship which is similar in size to the Pride of Hiigara. Makaan's flagship was more important as it was where he ruled over the Vaygr

General PurposeEdit

The Vaygr Flagship serves as the heart of a fleet. It can build, store and repair friendly ships. Similar to the Pride of Hiigara, it has several slots for production and other modules. A Vaygr Crusade is very independent, each depends on the building and resourcing capacity of their flagships, enable them to live sufficiently in deep space.

Makaan's FlagshipEdit

Makaan's Flagship is the only Vaygr Flagship which houses the third Hyperspace Core, capable of Far Jumping to remote systems. Makaan also integrated himself into the data matrix of his flagship. This allows Makaan to sense the presence of the remaining two cores. Because of this, Makaan believes he is the Sajuuk-Khar, the chosen one who will unite the three.

Tactical Capabilities Edit

The Vagyr Flagship is a pound-for-pound match to the Pride of Hiigara. It has virtually identical weapons, ship construction capabilities by ship class, research capabilities and resource processing abilities. Its weapons will only be effective against light attacks from strike craft; anything bigger will be able to eventually destroy it if it isn't supported.

Fate of the Makaan's FlagshipEdit

Makaan's Flagship was destroyed by the Hiigaran Mothership Fleet in Balcora in the battle for the Progenitor vessel, Sajuuk. Its Hyperspace Core was salvaged by the Hiigaran, together with the first Hyperspace Core and the second Hyperspace Core, the Hiigarans abandoned the Pride of Hiigara and, in exchange, awakened Sajuuk.


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