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Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
2000 RUs
Technical Information
121,000 tons
453.9 metres
40 m/s2
300 m/s
4 Projectile Cannons
"This is Kiith Naabal Carrier VEER-RAK, to any Hiigaran ships in range. Imperialist Taiidan forces are attacking." — Veer-Rak

The Veer-Rak was Kiith Naabal's Carrier and command ship charged with the defense of Hiigara as of the year 15 AHL.

Background Edit

The Veer-Rak was among the approximately thirty fleet carriers that came to form the backbone of the newly reformed Hiigaran Navy in the years following the conclusion of the Homeworld War. She and her task force were among the first responders in the event of enemy attack on the Hiigara System. Under its command were at least one wing of Ion Cannon Frigates, three Destroyers, several Multi-Gun Corvettes and several squadrons of Interceptors.

In 15 AHL, Veer-Rak's task force encountered a large Taiidan Imperialist force attempting to raid Hiigara. When the Taiidan were about to break through with a carrier group assisted by several Destroyers and a Heavy Cruiser, the commander of the Veer-Rak called upon all ships in the system for assistance. The Somtaaw mining vessel Kuun-Lan responded and with its support fleet agreed to aid the Veer-Rak and her wing by any means possible.

The Veer-Rak herself remained at the edge of the combat zone, staying away from enemy fire, while supporting all Hiigaran capital ships with groups of strike craft. From its position, it directed the defensive actions of the other Kiith fleets, during which it advised Kiith Somtaaw to defend its flanks as they attempted to push the line against the advancing Imperialists. With assistance from Somtaaw's wings of fighters, Veer-Rak and her task force were able to regroup and attack the Taiidan command vessels spearheading the assault. With the combined firepower of the Kuun-Lan and the Veer-Rak's respective support fleets, the main offensive elements of the Imperialist fleet were destroyed, forcing the Taiidan to break off their attack and securing Hiigara's safety once more.

Appearances Edit

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